!Inactive!: Miele Retail Gallery -CLOSED-

Visit the gorgeous Miele Gallery, located in the heart of Mont Kiara, and explore our complete range of appliances that meet your every need. Visualise how the beautiful PureLine Generation 6000 collection, with its sleek and harmonious design, will seamlessly match the design of your home with a wide selection of colours in a variety of configurations. Get up close and personal with the intuitive M-Touch display and experience for yourself the much lauded technology found in selected appliances for a unique and unforgettable retail experience.

Our consultants are always available to assist you in finding the perfect equipment to begin your journey into the Miele family. Get in-depth knowledge on the range of appliances that you can choose from to suit your needs, with advice, recommendations and personalised demonstrations from our consultants. Find out, in the comfort of our boutique and over robust cup of coffee, how our technology can improve the quality of your life.