The right solution for every installation situation

Built-in cooker hoods include Miele slimline cooker hoods, built-under cooker hoods, extractor units and slot-in hoods. Cooker hoods from this category are suitable for installation underneath or in a wall unit and are offered in both recirculation and extraction mode.

Slimline cooker hoods

Virtually invisible: Miele slimline cooker hoods are installed in the wall unit. Depending on the model, only a narrow stainless steel or obsidian black control panel is visible below the cabinet. The perfect fit for particularly minimalistic kitchens is the variant with transparent glass panel.

Built-under cooker hoods

If you do not want to lose any storage space in your wall unit, a cooker hood that can be built-under from Miele offers the best solution. These compact high-performance cooker hoods are easy to install either below a wall unit or against a wall as a stand-alone wall-mounted unit. Particularly ideal for smaller kitchens.

Extractor unit

Individual kitchen designs – e.g. with an eye-catching chimney – can be accomplished with integrated cooker hoods. This type of extractor offers unlimited planning and design freedom. Ideal for made-to-measure designer canopies in your kitchen. Let your imagination inspire you!

Slot-in cooker hoods

If you do not want to see the cooker hood at all, a Miele slot-in hood is the one for you. The cooker hood canopy, fitted with a kitchen furniture panel, disappears discreetly into a row of wall units. Invisible when shut, this hood blends perfectly into the background and is the ideal hood for a discreet kitchen design.