How would you like your cooker hood to be installed?

Downdraft extractor construction type

Which type of heating does your hob have?

How wide is your hob?
The cooker hood must be at least as wide as the hob and ideally wider.

Would you like an extraction mode cooker hood or a recirculation mode cooker hood?

Which design and illumination features are particularly important to you?

Which additional convenience features are particularly important to you?

Wall-mounted cooker hoods 
Island cooker hoods 
Slimline cooker hoods 
Built-under cooker hoods 
Slot-in cooker hoods 
Extractor unit 
Ceiling extractor 
Downdraft extractor system 
ProLine elements with downdraft extractor 
Downdraft extractor construction type
Induction hob with integrated downdraft extractor 
SmartLine with downdraft extractor 
ProLine with downdraft extractor 
Type of heating for hob
 Total gas rating <=12 kW 
Total gas rating > 12 kW 
Hob width
Approx. 60 cm 
Approx. 75 cm 
Approx. 90 cm 
Wider than 90 cm 
Operating mode
Extraction mode 
Recirculation mode 
 Downdraft extractor construction type
 Design and atmosphere
 Convenience features

Extraction mode possible

Vented hoods efficiently draw in steam and vapours and remove grease particles with the help of a grease filter. The filtered air is then transported out of the kitchen via vent ducting. Along with the filtered air, any excess moisture and odours are removed from the kitchen. In order to channel the extracted air outside, extraction mode cooker hoods need ducting and a wall or roof vent. At the same time. a flow of fresh air must be provided.

Recirculation mode possible

Recirculation hoods draw the cooking vapours in and filter out grease and odour particles. The cleaned air is then redirected back into the kitchen. This air circulation takes place in a closed room. Recirculation cooker hoods need neither vent ducting, nor wall or room vents. Therefore, they are very easy to install and are often the only option available. Separate ventilation is required when combining a recirculation cooker hood with a gas hob. Consult a gas specialist for more information.

ECO motor

The ECO motor operates with DC current and saves up 70% energy compared to conventional motors. Thanks to this technology, it operates very quietly yet as powerfully as all fans used by Miele.


Innovative convenience: the cooker hood reacts automatically to settings on the hob.

Stainless steel grease filters (10-layer)

Looks great and does a good job: effective grease filtering and easy cleaning in a dishwasher.


Efficient and quiet: the fan is effectively insulated with special soundproofing mats.

Miele CleanCover

Protection and easy cleaning: the smooth concealed surface prevents contact with electrical components and motor.


Just for you: Cooker hoods can be customised to suit your requirements.

Run-on function

Odour-free room air: after cooking, the fan can be set to switch off automatically after a 5 or 15 minute run-on period.

Filter indicator

Easy filter replacement: a red light lets you know when the grease and/or active charcoal filter is saturated.

Safety switch-off

Sensible, even in case of operating errors: the cooker hood switches off automatically after 10 hours.

Edge extraction

Efficient and beautiful: With edge extraction grease filters are concealed by a stainless steel or glass panel.


Innovative convenience: the cooker hood reacts automatically to settings on the hob.

Hood in motion

Best possible ergonomics: The cooker hood canopy automatically moves to the ideal working position.


Ergonomic wall mounted decor hoods: the inclined canopy offers greater freedom of movement when cooking.

Atmospheric lighting

Discreet and elegant: the canopy is brightly illuminated.
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PUR 98 WWall mounted cooker hood

        DA 4298 W Puristic PlusWall mounted cooker hood

        with energy-efficient LED lighting and light-touch switches for easy use.

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