New Products

S8 Vacuum Cleaners

Individual, powerful, unique

The S8 series of Vacuum Cleaners is an exciting new range, and offers even better cleaning performance, greater user convenience and improved energy efficiency – including a whole range of unique selling propositions. What's more, the new flagship model was awarded the coveted 'red dot design award' even before it was launched. 

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Generation 6000

PureLine range built-in cooking appliances

For over a century, Miele has been leading the way in bringing revolutionary designs and user experiences to customers through its domestic and kitchen appliances. Defying expectations and redefining the cooking experience, the newly launched PureLine range combines cutting-edge design with pioneering technology. The motto “Design for Life” reflects the philosophy of this new range – a lasting design for those who pursue precision in features and perfection in life.

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DG 6010 Steam Oven

Full steam ahead for pleasure, health and nutrition

The sleek, user-friendly Miele puresteam DG 6010 free-standing Steam Oven cooks using 100% pure steam, which is evenly distributed over a three-level steaming rack to ensure consistent temperatures, transforming even novice cooks into master chefs. A whole meal of rice, meat and vegetables can be cooked within 30 minutes, with the food retaining all of its natural flavours and nutrients in the process. Precise temperature control, from 40℃to 100℃, is convenient for a range of functions, including thawing, fermentation, low-temperature cooking, steaming, stewing and disinfection of milk bottles. 

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