From apple pie to Zabaglione, from sweet to savoury, from simple to elaborate - our recipe database contains more than 1000 recipes - success guaranteed! Whether side dish or main dish, soup or dessert, very spicy or temptingly sweet, our recipes accompany you throughout the day, from breakfast to the evening meal, from a small snack to a festive meal.

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What should I cook today? Fish or vegetarian? Starter, main course or dessert? From Italy, Asia or the USA? With our convenient recipe search you are certain to find something you like. You can choose easily between different ingredients and appliances, occasions, effort and degree of difficulty.

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Kitchen classics

How did pizza come about in the first place? Can gravlax be prepared at home? How did the Waldorf salad get its name? What characterises small French profiteroles? And how is a delicious curry dish different than simple curry powder? These are only some examples of the international "kitchen classics" that we address under this heading. Matching recipes are available as well, of course.

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