motHeadline: Steam and Bake Classes

Steam and Bake Classes

Cooking Class

Come learn the fine art of baking desserts and breads of all shapes and forms; whilst learning the essentials and the power of steaming through the Miele steam oven! These double-themed classes will teach the basics and the advanced of baking and steaming with either a Miele Home Economist or a celebrated chef.

Available locations !Inactive!: Miele Lounge
Included services

The Miele Steam and Bake Classes will teach customers the essentials of baking, steaming, roasting and general cooking with Miele appliances. The usual appliances covered are:

  • Ovens
  • Steam Ovens
  • Combination Steam Ovens

Dates and Times

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To register your interest, kindly contact the Miele Lounge at +603-6205 0288 or e-mail


Contact the Miele Lounge at +603-6205 0288 for more information about the Steam and Bake Classes, or send a mail to