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Gas hobs

Always the central point in your kitchen

Cooking with gas is the preferred option for many professional chefs. Temperatures can be controlled very precisely and changed in an instant. Cooking with gas conjures up images of cooking over an open fire, which for many people is an emotional experience. In today's modern and fast-paced lifestyle, cooking with gas feels homely and traditional.

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User technologies

Miele controls make cooking easy

Although it is the most traditional form of cooking, gas hobs are becoming ever more modern and convenient. With Miele you can choose between the traditional mechanical controls and intelligent electronic controls.

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Variety of sizes

The right size for every kitchen

Do you like cooking with just a few pans or do you enjoy conjuring up lavish meals with lots of pots and pans? Regardless of how much space your passion for cooking requires, Miele provides you with hobs that have sufficient space!

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Heating styles for individual cooking habits

Various types of heating are available for Miele hobs. Miele offers the right hob for every cooking preference. Find out more about gas heating here.

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Design variations

The right frame for your kitchen design

Gas hobs exude superior, professional elegance. Eye-catching in every kitchen - even in yours! With a variety of attractive designs, Miele has the right gas hob for you.

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